After Domino – replace, reuse or rejuvenate?

If you’ve made significant investments in Domino over the past decade, you’ll know that it’s expensive to even assess the feasibility of replacing it. Many Domino applications have been honed over the years to be stable and reliable. They also contain valuable business rules. It makes more sense to leverage Domino to ensure its continued contribution into the future.

Smart businesses strategically evolve their IT systems rather than leap from one technology to the next. Merely reacting fails to take full advantage of proven legacy systems or promising new technologies.

IC Consulting knows how to evolve your systems to make the most of Domino’s future.

Get more ROI on Domino

The emergence of sophisticated middleware technologies enables the organisation with the right strategy to extract the most benefit from legacy applications and the latest innovations.

Indeed, synergies begin to emerge when the two are combined in innovative ways. Not only can Domino be reused; it can be repurposed. With advanced middleware technology, its reach can easily be extended to devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. Furthermore, the information and business process assets contained in Domino can be combined with new applications to extend its functionality.

The business benefits of using new technology to leverage Domino into the future include:

  • Extending the return on investment from Domino
  • Extending the reach of current technology investments to new devices
  • Enhancing Domino with new technologies such as services and portals.

IC Consulting know Domino

We have over 10 years experience in Domino, so we know how to get the most out of it. Our combined knowledge of Domino, middleware and standards can help you:

  • Assess the characteristics of Domino applications relevant to integration
  • Choose appropriate integration techniques according to the business need
  • Use best practice Domino portlet patterns to ensure stability and performance
  • Consider application complexity, type and usage patterns to deliver the appropriate level of technology for the task.

To find out more about getting more out of Domino, Contact IC Consulting .