Business Integration & Workflow

Chances are your customers see your business processes very differently to how they actually work. They want the end result regardless of how it’s achieved or how complicated it is to deliver.

The trouble is most business processes are made up of a number of different steps spanning numerous departments and involving different technologies and people.

IC Consulting can integrate these separate processes and systems to not only deliver a more coherent workflow, but a greater depth of understanding about the process as a whole.
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IC consulting is a Sydney based consultancy specialising in the IBM WebSphere product range. We invest heavily in IBM certification to ensure we can deliver results without the risk.

Focused on delivering business value through the innovative use of technology, we’ll get your workflows working as they should.

Integrate people, processes and applications

IC Consulting uses advanced middleware to create a unifying platform for people, processes and applications, so your business can:

  • Understand & improve the workflow from your customer’s perspective
  • Link discreet tasks into a smooth, continuous process
  • Manage the state of the entire process across applications and people
  • Effectively measure and assess workflow efficiency.

The WebSphere platform combined with IC Consulting’s expertise delivers you a smooth workflow regardless of the systems used and people involved.

Our success in business integration and workflow derives from our focus. We won’t bring prescriptions of how to do process improvement or attempt to re-engineer your business processes. Instead, we connect each application in the workflow together using a web services model. WebSphere Portal or Process server can then be used to manage and monitor the processes, becoming the foundation for longer-term strategic process improvement.

To find out how to make your workflows more efficient and deliver customer value, contact IC Consulting .