Project Outsourcing

Instead of relying on your IT department to provide the specialist knowledge required for a particular project, IC Consulting have the resources, time and skills to get your eBusiness project off to the best start possible.

80% return for 20% of the budget

We have years of experience in getting results from the innovative use of technology and employ our go-fast methodology to get results, fast. In any project there is typically one component that will return the greatest portion of the benefit. Rather than spend months trying to perfect the entire design, we focus on delivering the highest value piece first, providing 80% of the benefit for 20% of the budget. ... More

This method has a number of advantages:

  • Getting the project off to a great start gives it a greater chance of success
  • Savings derived from the project are realised sooner
  • It shortens the gap between a good idea and the beginning of the project
  • Demonstrating immediate results to the business gets greater buy-in
  • What is learned from earlier phases can inform later phases
  • There is plenty of room left to refine and complete the project.

IC Consulting has solid experience delivering business value through the innovative use of technology. Our deep investment in certification means we remain at the forefront of IBM technology and can deliver cutting edge results without the risk.

Once the initial part of the project is complete, we can hand over the project to your IT department, along with a skills and knowledge transfer.

Get the best beginning possible with IC Consulting and give your eBusiness project every chance of success.

To find out more about how we can help you get results early, contact IC Consulting .