IBM Websphere Portal specialists

Gartner rates IBM Websphere Portal as the leader in the portal space and nobody works harder than IC Consulting at being a leader in Websphere Portal. We invest heavily in staff training and certification, which makes Websphere Portal technology and IC Consulting a safe investment for you. We have the necessary experience to implement cutting edge portals without the risk.
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Websphere Portal creates insight from information

Without quality information delivered through an efficient interface, organisations risk drowning in information and struggling for insight. To succeed means connecting your core assets of people, knowledge and technology, thereby ensuring your organisation can keep pace with the rapid rate of market change. IC Consulting can help your organisation use portal technology to: Function more effectively by aligning business process and business strategy more closely Stimulate valuable insights by expanding every employee’s perspective and improving their ability to collaborate Enhance employee productivity and capacity to execute. IC Consulting can help you transform your loosely related systems, people and processes into a cohesive eBusiness workplace.


Web portal results without the risk

At IC Consulting, we live and breathe the latest in IBM WebSphere Portal technology so you can relax knowing you have the latest technology without the headaches.

Due to a sharp focus and industry-leading expertise, we are the best qualified company in NSW for quality WebSphere solutions delivered on time and to budget.

Many customers of IC Consulting have already benefited from our knowledge and reliability.

IC Consulting can help you:

  • Implement  high-volume transaction processing for mission-critical applications
  • Reuse and extend legacy applications such as Domino
  • Improve responsiveness and connection throughout and beyond the enterprise
  • Build service-oriented architectures
  • Simplify workflows and enhance collaboration.

Contact IC Consulting to find out more about how WebSphere Portal can deliver you business innovation.