Reduce Paper with eForms

According to Gartner, a single paper form can COST an organization $30-$165 to use, process and enter.

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Electronic and Online Forms save time, money & trees

Workplace Forms provides a cost-effective alternative to paper forms and can help you reduce these costs by:

  • Replacing paper-based forms, saving on printing and storage costs
  • Streamlining and automating business processes to increase operational efficiency and speed up transactions
  • Reducing the number of support calls with guided forms that assist users
  • Intelligent routing of forms to the right person at the right time.

In order to secure your information, Workplace Forms can be digitally signed using any supported signing and authentication technology, including multiple technologies on the one form. Workplace Forms are secure enough to be used in court and will satisfy regulatory requirements for industries such as insurance and government. ... More

The eForm of choice

Workplace Forms technology is superior to other electronic forms solutions because:

  • It is based on open standards, including XML, so there is no proprietary lock-in
  • It works with WebSphere, Domino or Microsoft .Net It minimises form development costs through a drag-and-drop form creation tool
  • It reduces errors through the use of business logic for validation and data typing
  • The forms are easy to create and can be used to accurately mimic any paper-based form

Workplace Forms runs on IBM WebSphere Process Server which is built entirely with open standards. This process automation server is designed to deliver the promise of SOA to your business through a unified programming model spanning people, applications, systems, platforms and workflows.

Based on XFDL, the precursor to the W3C XForms standard, each form’s presentation, data and business logic is expressed as a declarative language within an XML document. This gives workplace forms enormous flexibility to integrate with other systems, including workflow, document management and Domino. It can also route a form using any available transport mechanism such as web, email or FTP.

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